How to Have Sex with a Love Doll

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Sexual urges can come at any time and place, and lucky you if you got a partner to do it with you. But when you are unattached, how would you fulfill it? Sure, you can call some hooker but of course you will never be sure about the safety. Maybe some rather open-minded buddy to hook up with you? Sure, but not at all times they will be there for you.

So what will you do when you get horny then? Good thing that adult markets always keep up with your needs. And for those who want sex but can’t find a partner (or still want total privacy), there is what we call “love dolls”. These dolls can provide satisfaction and companionship, if you know how to have sex with them. Read on to find out.

Sex with Dolls

  • Love dolls, also called sex dolls or blowup dolls) refer to the sex toys that take the size and shape of a sexual partner to serve as an aid in masturbation. Love dolls usually consist of an entire human body complete with a face (some dolls only have heads), pelvis or other parts of a human body, with the certain parts serving as the vagina, anus, mouth, or penis used for sexual stimulation. These parts are sometimes vibrating and they may be even removable or interchangeable.
  • Love dolls nowadays come in many forms, however, they are distinguished from sex robots, which are anthropomorphic creations designed to be able to do more interactions. The ones with the lowest prices are usually inflatable and made of vinyl, the features barely resemble those of human parts. The average-priced dolls are made of heavy latex and more humanlike parts. And the most expensive ones are those made of silicone, with lifelike parts since they are modeled after real people.
  • As to how to have sex with love dolls, it is just as if you would have sex with an actual human being. Once unboxed and assembled, your love doll is ready to get it on whenever you feel it. Love dolls are mostly designed as an equivalent to your ideal bed partners. So whatever things you do during sex – kissing, foreplay, and of course, penetration – you can surely do the same to your love doll. So choose the love doll that best suits your tastes to add a very exciting spice to your sexual life.

The Orifices You’ll Usually Find On A Sex Doll

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Your Life and Sex

Our daily lives come in routines with the things we do. We are expected to do the things we are obligated to do to make our lives easier each morning that we wake up. The chores can be a bit monotonous which makes it quite a bore for some. With that, people became tired easily. And makes them want to add some thrill with their life.

Since thrilled feelings are mentioned above, there are a lot of thrilling adventures we can do with our life. We have a lot of options available if we know where to look. But for some people who know what they want, they are the lucky ones.

One great add-on for some thrill in life is a sex doll. Sex dolls are the new product of the emerging sex industry. The sex industry is a great industry for some thrill-seekers and the sex doll is a great product to explore hidden pleasures in the body. The greatest pleasure-giver is the sex doll orifices. These openings are the key to achieving the pleasure that we seek in sex dolls.

The Great Openings of a Sex Doll

A sex doll is like a human without emotions. Their main goal is to give the pleasure that the customers want. and to achieve that the sex doll orifices are the key. The sex doll is comprised of the mouth, vagina, and butt hole. These are the orifices in a sex doll’s body.

These orifices have the goal of giving natural stimulation as their natural counterparts. They are usually the openings you can find in a sex doll. But some sex dolls have a different number of orifices. Some contain just two openings, but others have the overall package. But these have a high price.

The Pleasure of Life

Now that you are aware of the usual openings of a sex doll, you have an option to get one for you to add some thrill in your life. If you are enticed into getting one, you must start saving every penny you have.

Life is a ride of a roller-coaster ride for everybody. You have your ups and downs each day that you wake up. There are days that you have to get up and you have the feeling that you want to add some spice in your life, which is perfectly normal. So, you better get things done and start exploring the orifices of a sex doll.

How Realistic Are Sex Dolls?

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Sex dolls have their own market and fan base. Whether that fascination originated with anime pin up girls or porn actresses, they’re images that make you wet in your dreams or stroke your man handle. So it makes sense that realistic sex dolls resembling the object of your dreams would become a commodity. These sex dolls are so real you might think it’s a real woman straight out of the photos or videos that made you so hot when you were younger. They look so real, even the appearance of their boobs and pussies are almost identical to what you saw in your dreams.

Japan in particular is among the countries that has been in the forefront of sex doll fetishes. There, you can even have a “wedding” with your sex doll, a sex robot or an anime character. In fact, there was an article written in the Daily Mail back in 2016 describing how a man named Senji Nakajima found love and married his sex doll. According to the report, he initially used the sex doll as a companion because he was far away from his wife due to his work. But later on, for some reason, he believed the doll developed its own personality and he fell in love with it. What could be more realistic than that?

The Reality About Sex Dolls

These realistic sex dolls are still increasing in popularity in Asian markets. Aside from Japan, there is a huge growth of these fucking dolls in China, for example. In some ways, it’s a mystery why some men opt for sex with a doll. Perhaps one reason is that the dolls can’t get pregnant. And since orgasm takes only around 5 minutes (or less) for many men, sex dolls could be more convenient than bothering with dinner and candlelight. Some guys, although they’re ashamed to admit it, are simply afraid of having a relationship with a woman

Whatever the reason, there’s no way that a sex doll could be a true alternative to human sex if she wasn’t realistic enough to make the experience seem exactly like the real activity. And today’s sex dolls really are that good.

The Sex Doll As An Alternative

Sex dolls were primarily built to provide a convenient sex outlet, with a replica of a woman’s body. However, it has become an alternative for those who don’t want to be in a relationship or bother with trying to hook up for casual sex. The more expensive dolls have startlingly realistic features, like a vagina often built from a  mold to resemble the real thing, and some even have a backbone that allows them to bend like a real women. This type of realistic love doll replicates all the details and feeling of “human sex” – without any of the obligations, hassles or emotional baggage.

What Is A Love Doll?

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When you were young you must have seen Barbie and Ken tandem in almost all toy shops. You play with it, and love it by taking care of it. However, when you became an adult, sex dolls are not the same as the Barbie and Ken dolls back then. You must have loved your dolls but you can’t do anything from it other than playing with it. With its small limited size, that’s basically it. Either it will end up in your collection or you will just give it away to other little girls or your younger siblings. Adult realistic sex dolls are different. They’re not meant just to be love dolls but your sexual companion. What makes the difference? There are actually a lot of differences.


The most obvious difference is the anatomy of an adult sex doll. It has taken its shape and form to mimic a real woman or man in all aspects even the genitals. Yup, realistic love dolls are the same size as a typical man or woman where you can also fuck its vagina if you are a man or insert its penis in all your orifices if you are a woman or a gay. You can also easily customize your own sex doll to meet sexual preferences.


Back when you were a little, it’s obviously just a toy. However, realistic sex dolls are actually intended to not just your play thing where you can dress it up or play with it. It’s intended to meet your sexual fantasies. That’s why it took the real shape and feature of a real pussy or penis to fuck it anytime you want. It gives a temporary sexual pleasure like making love with a real partner. It’s intended for those who have  no partner, no sex buddy, those who doesn’t want to make love to anyone or those who has fetishes in these things.


Just like a real human being, those who own these love dolls developed a more secure and independent connection to one’s self or to their sex dolls. Sometimes, it’s not easy to give your trust to your real partner, but these realistic sex dolls can take away that inhibitions without drama, without over reacting, without prejudice of your sexual and physical shortcomings.

Ideal Partner

We all have our own ideals when it comes to overall appearance. In real relationship, you have to accept your partner regardless if he or she is short, not physically attractive or let’s accept it, he is not endowed with a big dick. You can create and bring your ideal man or woman through this realistic sex dolls.

The Latest Breakthrough In Sex Dolls: Some Can Talk

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We are on the last quarter of the year and it was almost 10 month since today when a new breed of sex doll was introduced in CES, one of the biggest tech event held every year. Dubbed as Harmony, she is the latest addition of realistic sex doll collection. But she is a more advanced prototype sex doll compared to its predecessors.

Among the latest addition of her high breed specification is the introduction of Artificial Intelligence that is implanted inside sex doll. Since Harmony’s complex structure is within the head and a part within her breasts, the work happens in that part. Her head is modular meaning it is built with complex machineries that can be controlled via application. Solana, is a part of the new breed realistic sex dolls with voices. Its personality can be remotely changed in the app. Its face can be changed with different skin magnets that can easily peeled off to project another personality.

With the change of personality it could act differently. Some of its characteristics are talkative, jealous, sexual or being unpredictable is just a few of the list of characteristics that can be controlled via app. Also, the owner can control the head with just facial expression, and speech while the doll is able to respond in voice cues.

What Is The Future Of Sex Doll Industry

Even during the CES, McMullen, the genius behind Harmony, already stated the future of realistic sex dolls will be the use of robotics where the legs will gyrate during intercourse, the use of body heating mechanism that mimics the warmth of real pussy, improvement of sex dolls with voices, and a male version along the way.

The male version will definitely made from either of TPE  or silicone. So, you just as how the female sex dolls have a realistic vagina, it should also be one of the great asset of its male counterpart. However, the dick wouldn’t have to ho from flaccid to erect as there is no technology for that yet, but expect something like it vibrates or it will include a heating technology so you will have an erect and body temperature dick.

With more innovations along the way, and seeing how sex dolls have positive acceptance in porn industry, we will be expecting perhaps an increase of fucking sex dolls not just in porn but also in the sex industry.

Pros And Cons Of Rubber Sex Dolls

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The Growing Love for Sex

Sex is something that adds some fun in a relationship, and some are telling it keeps the relationship stronger and closer together. It is something that helps in the relationship’s growth and it could be considered as a good exercise as well.

Nowadays, people have been engaged in doing sex whether if it is a casual one or romantically. Moreover, people have also become more aware of this topic which makes them understand how crucial having sex. It could lead to unwanted pregnancies or even broken families if we haven’t done practice safe sex in our lives.

Sex Dolls are Here

Moreover, technology has changed so fast and there are a lot of things that have been developed and created in this world. It even continued to grow up to this point in our lives, and a thing that is created to add more fun in our sex lives is these sex dolls. In addition to that, these sex dolls are almost available anywhere as you can buy it on stores or even the web which is a much easier and convenient way to buy things.

These sex dolls are either made out of rubber or much known as TPE, or silicon and they both offer their advantages and disadvantages. But let’s talk about these rubber sex dolls first, particularly its disadvantages. One is that it could get stains very easily due to the material being used on these dolls. Well, using them could be messy depending on one’s use so it could take some time when it comes to cleaning it. Moreover, it could melt if it reached a certain temperature which we all don’t want especially if we are paying at a certain price.

Let’s go now to its advantages, one of the pros of getting rubber sex dolls is that it is way cheaper as compared to those dolls that you can buy that are made out of silicon. With that said, having them is even more realistic which makes one’s experience special and amazing. It can be seen how the breasts and buttocks part of the dolls react as you do something about it. It may feel like you are holding something real and this kind of doll is flexible enough to do several sex positions that you like. You can even use lubricants if you like especially if it could give you a fun time.

You’d Better Save Your Pennies If You Want A Realistic Sex Doll

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Money for Our Needs

One of the important things that every people in this world wanted to have is money. With money, it allows us to have the things that we wanted to have and avail of the things that we need. There are so many expenses that people needed to pay these days as the utilities alone cover it alone.

That’s why getting our wants could give us some sort of a problem because of the continuous increase in the price of almost any products in the market today. Not mentioning the fact that one’s cost of living is also increasing at a point that makes it even harder for us to live in a day in our lives. With that said, it is somehow important to satisfy our needs and wants in this world.

Buying Sex Dolls

Almost all people in this world have sexual urges and it needs to be satisfied in any way possible. Well, one of the things that you can do is to buy a sex doll. It is a replica of a human whose primary function is to satisfy someone in sex. But when you look at its realistic sex doll prices, you may need to take a deep breath first because it may shock you. These dolls don’t come cheap and you may need lots of lots of money or you may start saving some pennies just to get your hands on this thing.

But did you know that it may reach thousands of dollars just to avail one of these dolls? That’s how expensive it is, and you can buy a lot of things with that kind of money. But its experience is something worthwhile and having $2000, it will be enough to get the best product for your money. Realistically, it has even skeleton that you can use to maneuver its body while doing various positions and it has the body parts that you want to see when engaging in sex.

Shockingly, the realistic sex doll prices reach this amount and all we can do for now is to start saving some money if we want to have one on our own someday in our lives. That’s why we should work hard and learn to save so that we can get the things that we want. We may also want to keep on scouring the web to see which company will have the better offer for us.