The Latest Breakthrough In Sex Dolls: Some Can Talk

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We are on the last quarter of the year and it was almost 10 month since today when a new breed of sex doll was introduced in CES, one of the biggest tech event held every year. Dubbed as Harmony, she is the latest addition of realistic sex doll collection. But she is a more advanced prototype sex doll compared to its predecessors.

Among the latest addition of her high breed specification is the introduction of Artificial Intelligence that is implanted inside sex doll. Since Harmony’s complex structure is within the head and a part within her breasts, the work happens in that part. Her head is modular meaning it is built with complex machineries that can be controlled via application. Solana, is a part of the new breed realistic sex dolls with voices. Its personality can be remotely changed in the app. Its face can be changed with different skin magnets that can easily peeled off to project another personality.

With the change of personality it could act differently. Some of its characteristics are talkative, jealous, sexual or being unpredictable is just a few of the list of characteristics that can be controlled via app. Also, the owner can control the head with just facial expression, and speech while the doll is able to respond in voice cues.

What Is The Future Of Sex Doll Industry

Even during the CES, McMullen, the genius behind Harmony, already stated the future of realistic sex dolls will be the use of robotics where the legs will gyrate during intercourse, the use of body heating mechanism that mimics the warmth of real pussy, improvement of sex dolls with voices, and a male version along the way.

The male version will definitely made from either of TPE  or silicone. So, you just as how the female sex dolls have a realistic vagina, it should also be one of the great asset of its male counterpart. However, the dick wouldn’t have to ho from flaccid to erect as there is no technology for that yet, but expect something like it vibrates or it will include a heating technology so you will have an erect and body temperature dick.

With more innovations along the way, and seeing how sex dolls have positive acceptance in porn industry, we will be expecting perhaps an increase of fucking sex dolls not just in porn but also in the sex industry.