What Is A Love Doll?

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When you were young you must have seen Barbie and Ken tandem in almost all toy shops. You play with it, and love it by taking care of it. However, when you became an adult, sex dolls are not the same as the Barbie and Ken dolls back then. You must have loved your dolls but you can’t do anything from it other than playing with it. With its small limited size, that’s basically it. Either it will end up in your collection or you will just give it away to other little girls or your younger siblings. Adult realistic sex dolls are different. They’re not meant just to be love dolls but your sexual companion. What makes the difference? There are actually a lot of differences.


The most obvious difference is the anatomy of an adult sex doll. It has taken its shape and form to mimic a real woman or man in all aspects even the genitals. Yup, realistic love dolls are the same size as a typical man or woman where you can also fuck its vagina if you are a man or insert its penis in all your orifices if you are a woman or a gay. You can also easily customize your own sex doll to meet sexual preferences.


Back when you were a little, it’s obviously just a toy. However, realistic sex dolls are actually intended to not just your play thing where you can dress it up or play with it. It’s intended to meet your sexual fantasies. That’s why it took the real shape and feature of a real pussy or penis to fuck it anytime you want. It gives a temporary sexual pleasure like making love with a real partner. It’s intended for those who have  no partner, no sex buddy, those who doesn’t want to make love to anyone or those who has fetishes in these things.


Just like a real human being, those who own these love dolls developed a more secure and independent connection to one’s self or to their sex dolls. Sometimes, it’s not easy to give your trust to your real partner, but these realistic sex dolls can take away that inhibitions without drama, without over reacting, without prejudice of your sexual and physical shortcomings.

Ideal Partner

We all have our own ideals when it comes to overall appearance. In real relationship, you have to accept your partner regardless if he or she is short, not physically attractive or let’s accept it, he is not endowed with a big dick. You can create and bring your ideal man or woman through this realistic sex dolls.