How Realistic Are Sex Dolls?

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Sex dolls have their own market and fan base. Whether that fascination originated with anime pin up girls or porn actresses, they’re images that make you wet in your dreams or stroke your man handle. So it makes sense that realistic sex dolls resembling the object of your dreams would become a commodity. These sex dolls are so real you might think it’s a real woman straight out of the photos or videos that made you so hot when you were younger. They look so real, even the appearance of their boobs and pussies are almost identical to what you saw in your dreams.

Japan in particular is among the countries that has been in the forefront of sex doll fetishes. There, you can even have a “wedding” with your sex doll, a sex robot or an anime character. In fact, there was an article written in the Daily Mail back in 2016 describing how a man named Senji Nakajima found love and married his sex doll. According to the report, he initially used the sex doll as a companion because he was far away from his wife due to his work. But later on, for some reason, he believed the doll developed its own personality and he fell in love with it. What could be more realistic than that?

The Reality About Sex Dolls

These realistic sex dolls are still increasing in popularity in Asian markets. Aside from Japan, there is a huge growth of these fucking dolls in China, for example. In some ways, it’s a mystery why some men opt for sex with a doll. Perhaps one reason is that the dolls can’t get pregnant. And since orgasm takes only around 5 minutes (or less) for many men, sex dolls could be more convenient than bothering with dinner and candlelight. Some guys, although they’re ashamed to admit it, are simply afraid of having a relationship with a woman

Whatever the reason, there’s no way that a sex doll could be a true alternative to human sex if she wasn’t realistic enough to make the experience seem exactly like the real activity. And today’s sex dolls really are that good.

The Sex Doll As An Alternative

Sex dolls were primarily built to provide a convenient sex outlet, with a replica of a woman’s body. However, it has become an alternative for those who don’t want to be in a relationship or bother with trying to hook up for casual sex. The more expensive dolls have startlingly realistic features, like a vagina often built from a  mold to resemble the real thing, and some even have a backbone that allows them to bend like a real women. This type of realistic love doll replicates all the details and feeling of “human sex” – without any of the obligations, hassles or emotional baggage.