How to Have Sex with a Love Doll

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Sexual urges can come at any time and place, and lucky you if you got a partner to do it with you. But when you are unattached, how would you fulfill it? Sure, you can call some hooker but of course you will never be sure about the safety. Maybe some rather open-minded buddy to hook up with you? Sure, but not at all times they will be there for you.

So what will you do when you get horny then? Good thing that adult markets always keep up with your needs. And for those who want sex but can’t find a partner (or still want total privacy), there is what we call “love dolls”. These dolls can provide satisfaction and companionship, if you know how to have sex with them. Read on to find out.

Sex with Dolls

  • Love dolls, also called sex dolls or blowup dolls) refer to the sex toys that take the size and shape of a sexual partner to serve as an aid in masturbation. Love dolls usually consist of an entire human body complete with a face (some dolls only have heads), pelvis or other parts of a human body, with the certain parts serving as the vagina, anus, mouth, or penis used for sexual stimulation. These parts are sometimes vibrating and they may be even removable or interchangeable.
  • Love dolls nowadays come in many forms, however, they are distinguished from sex robots, which are anthropomorphic creations designed to be able to do more interactions. The ones with the lowest prices are usually inflatable and made of vinyl, the features barely resemble those of human parts. The average-priced dolls are made of heavy latex and more humanlike parts. And the most expensive ones are those made of silicone, with lifelike parts since they are modeled after real people.
  • As to how to have sex with love dolls, it is just as if you would have sex with an actual human being. Once unboxed and assembled, your love doll is ready to get it on whenever you feel it. Love dolls are mostly designed as an equivalent to your ideal bed partners. So whatever things you do during sex – kissing, foreplay, and of course, penetration – you can surely do the same to your love doll. So choose the love doll that best suits your tastes to add a very exciting spice to your sexual life.